Health Plans

EBMapps is looking for insurance partners that can provide our Module to those they insure and encourage Module use through incentive programs. These modules would be provided to such users at nominal cost.

Incentive based programs can be extremely effective! There are currently 84 million prediabetics in the United States. Without intervention,prediabetics become diabetic, on average in 41 months. The direct medical cost for each individual that becomes diabetic is $7,900/year! Providing a small incentive for each prediabetic that have their A1C return to normal could be effective in encouraging blood sugar control.

The Type II diabetes prevention Module includes a number of monitors that are used to determine if an individual user should be provided incentives. Monitors include:

  • diary entry compliance (diary entries made divided by diary entries requested)
  • weight loss compliance (calculated weight loss compared to entered weight loss)
  • verified weight loss compliance (7% weight loss as verified by the user’s physician)
  • verified blood sugar reduced to normal (user’s physician verification that user A1C is reduced to below 5.7)

The screen shot in figure 1 shows how the Module can be employed by users to examine their incentive compliance status.

EBMapps- Health Plans
EBMapps-  Compliance Status

Figure 1 – The user can select Compliance Status (circled in red) resulting in the summary shown.

"May not represent the current product version."

EBMapps- Apply for incentive resulting
EBMapps- Apply for incentive resulting

Figure 2 – The user can select Apply for incentive resulting in the application shown.

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At the end of the subscription period, the user can then apply for incentives as show in figure 2. Diary and weight loss incentives are obtained directly, however, physician certification is required for verified weight loss and verified A1C returned to normal. This would be accomplished by sending a form (Figure 3) by email to the user that is taken to his/her physician for completion. The completed form is then faxed by the physician’s office back to EBMapps for audit review.

EBMapps- Medical release form

Figure 3 – Medical release form

"May not represent the current product version."