Training for Coaches

Expand your CDC DPP to Include Cloud-Based DPP! EBMapps offers the patent pending Type II Diabetes Module to all CDC recognized program coaches! To acquired Module licenses for your prediabetic patients, you must:

  • complete the EBMapps training program
  • use the Module for a two week period
  • successfully enrollment and coach 15 prediabetic users under supervision

Training is offered on a first-come first-serve basis. For a limited timethere will be no charge for the training component! There will, however, be a charge for the fifteen one year licenses required for the fifteen prediabetic users that you will enroll and coach. This will be collected at the time of perdiabetic user enrollment.

The Module mobile app serves as a diary and virtual coach.

The patent pending EBMapps “cloud-based” Module format is patient centered; the coach and the patient’s physician team up to assure life-style change.The “cloud-based” Module performance (5% weight loss) provides a significant improvement over “in-person” coach based programs.The “cloud-based” Module consists of a web app focused on user education and a mobile app that serves as a diary and virtual coach for the user. The Module is engaging; the virtual coach asks a question of the day, asks the prediabetic user to enter each meal, each exercise session and weight, provides a performance summary and performance based advice each day and week.

The Module web app is focused on CDC training session.

The Web app provides each user the educational components of the CDC program whenever they’d like to complete them, boosting ease and retention.You will have access to the Dashboard allowing you to see your user’s performance; in addition you will be able to send the user an instant notification to guide him/her in their life style change process.The physician will also have access to the dashboard to send notifications of encouragement.

The dashboard provides a summary of user performance and provides instant notification capability to manage each user

The Module has additional tools including: automated CDC report generation, and soon will include a compliance dashboard, and bill generation features (in development).The Module is ideal for:

  • the growing DPP practice since a high volume of prediabetics can be enrolled and easily managed.
  • DOH or Hospital based programs and may with the use of the Module allow regular enrollment rather than the usual one or two programs per year. Instead of impacting maybe 50 or so prediabetics each year, the same staff may be able to impact several hundred!
  • large corporate entities because the Module allows efficient enrollment and coaching. Staff participation becomes more efficient.

To enroll in the training program for coaches, go to “contact us” and “select coach training”. Complete the contact submission and an enrollment form will be emailed to you. It should be noted that cloud-based DPP services are not yet reimbursable by Medicare.